Frank D. Isoldi Talks Home Staging and Curb Appeal

Frank D. Isoldi

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In the winter months (depending on climate, of course), it is often even more important to stage a homey, warm and inviting space for potential buyers. What do homeowners need to consider most during this process?

Staging a home to be warm and inviting is always important, especially during the winter months.  If a home is going to be listed during the holiday season, we suggest any photos be taken before decorations are up and then ask that they be removed right after the holidays.

What are your top recommendations for creating curb appeal? 

As far as curb appeal....I always suggest having any painting done in early October before it gets too cold.  It's also crucial to have a very good Fall clean up, including sprucing up mulch etc, since you won't be able to do those things once it gets too cold.  Winter pansies are great, since they can withstand the cold weather, if you need to add some color to the yard.

Are there any curb appeal mistakes you see sellers or realtors making that should be avoided at all costs? Why?

As far as things to's really similar to the inside of a home....keep things neutral and not too taste specific.  I usually stay away from the red mulch and stick with black.  Paint colors should be as neutral as possible as well.

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