Frank D. Isoldi Talks About Trending High-Tech Features in Homes

Frank D. Isoldi

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Which high-tech features do homebuyers covet the most and why?

The most common "tech" features we currently see trending are those that help with efficiency and safety. The NEST thermostat systems are very popular. They allow homeowners to regulate the temperature of their home from their smart phone.

I hear that the Halo Smart Smoke Alarm systems are becoming popular as well. They not only work like traditional smoke detectors do, but they will also alert you of an impending natural disaster, such as hurricanes or tornados.

Beyond those items, anything that you can control from your smart device remain popular...wireless sound systems, remote garage door openers, security systems, and cameras to name a few.

Are there certain features that you see trending now or will be trending in the next year or so? What are they and what is their appeal?

I think anything that offers the convenience of being able to program and control remotely from your smart phone will remain popular. Buyers are all about saving time and money and a lot of these tech features allow them to do that.

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