Five Extraordinary Designers Who Redefine Luxury with Innovation

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In this day and age, creating “high-quality” products simply isn’t enough. For furniture pieces to truly stand out and be regarded as “luxurious” in the world of home decor, designers nowadays have to push the creative envelope to incredible lengths, whether by utilizing odd, intriguing materials, or deriving inspiration from unusual sources in order to craft forward-thinking designs.

See below for a handful of design trailblazers who have successfully shattered all preconceptions of luxe furniture with their one-of-a-kind, high-end works.

Jae Hyo Lee Pine ChairPhoto courtesy of

Jae Hyo Lee uses chopped cross-sections of pine embedded in burnt-black wood to create this sculptural piece, which sports an amazing woodsy and geometric pattern.

MacMaster Design

Alex MacMaster fashions simple yet sensual, nature-inspired lights in his Worcestershire workshop using 21st Century technology alongside old-school cast iron machinery. The MacMaster Design founder bases his work on the mantra, “minimal waste for maximal output.”

Karim Rashid's Endless Nile TablePhoto courtesy of

Karim Rashid‘s Endless Nile table is only one of his 3,000 innovative creations. Inspired by the sinewing flow of the Egyptian river, it is available in pure white Corian and wood versions.

Ron Arad's Ripple ChairRon Arad’s Ripple Chair – Photo courtesy of

Israeli designer Ron Arad has always been known for his use of odd, quirky materials. Many of Arad’s pieces are inspired by his visionary optimism, including the chair pictured above. The London-based creator asserts, “there are virtually no limits to smart materials and sci-fi production.”

Peter Stern's Wavy C Console

Peter Stern‘s eccentric mix of polished steel, plate glass and spray-painted veneers–as exhibited by the Wavy C console pictured above–exudes a playful, postmodern vibe. Stern is also known for using posh finishes in his work, such as burr and mother-of-pearl.

Details courtesy of Telegraph UK.

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