Finding Zen In Design: An Inside Look At Raquel Mothé’s Sunny Isles Project

Raquel Mothé

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Editor’s Note: Haute Design by Haute Residence caught up with Raquel Mothé of Mothé Design who dishes on her latest project in the coveted Jade Signature. The 3-bedroom apartment is situated in the heart of one of Miami’s most exclusive zip codes, Sunny Isles, and features state-of-the-art design finishes for a breathtaking residential oasis. Here, Mothé shares the inspiration behind the project and how she was able to achieve the zen-like aesthetic found throughout the home. 

Haute Residence: Can you walk us through the home and the features found in each room?

Raquel Mothé: The back wall is the first thing that you see once you enter the apartment, so we decided to make it a focal point, but still minimalist. The textured background gives life to the long and narrow space, the lighting and the black and white pictures from Fendi Casa add more layers to the overall clean look.

In the master bedroom, we took advantage of one of the columns to build a niche for the king-size bed and instead of nightstands we decided to use dressers so the client could have more storage space. For the TV we used a pole with wheels at the corner of the bedroom which can be easily moved and doesn’t obstruct the ocean view. The table lamps in purple from Fendi gives a touch of color to the monochromatic bedroom. For the closet, we decided to open the walls and have the doors covered in leather, that way the bedrooms looks much bigger but still without the cabinets look.

HR: What was the inspiration behind this project? 

RM: We wanted a clean look, contemporary but functional. You just have a few big pieces in order to avoid a crowded space.

HR: How would you describe this project and what design aesthetic would it fall under?

RM: Contemporary with a zen touch. Clean look and neutral colors were used throughout the entire project.

HR: How involved was the client throughout the design process?

RM: Very involved! The client liked to play an active role during the design and remodeling process. She was very specific about which furniture lines we would incorporate into the home and opted for Fendi Casa and Kenzo.

HR: What elements did you use to bring this design concept to life?

RM: The design of the furniture itself brought us the contemporary and zen-touch the client desired.

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