FATHOM Design Company’s Kelly Dunn Shares Her Interior Design Principles

Kelly Dunn

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Photo Credit: FATHOM Design Company

Kelly Dunn’s obsession with authentic expression is unparalleled and is the driving force behind her award-winning firm, FATHOM Design Company. Kelly is sought out by her colleagues as an expert on out-of-the-box solutions and blending colors and textures in imaginative ways that breathe new life into the world of interior design.

Kelly Dunn recently sat down and spoke to Haute Design to share some of her driving design principles.


Haute Design: What is the earliest memory you can recall where you knew you wanted to become a designer?

Kelly Dunn: I was a young teen when I would constantly rearrange the furniture in my bedroom. Sometimes the layout didn't even make sense, but I desperately needed my space to feel fresh and exciting. I would also rearrange my family's living room when my mom was out for the day, always promising to put everything back if she didn't like it, but I had to play with it and try new things.

HD: If you could name three design principles you live by, what would they be?

KD: 'AUTHENTICITY ALWAYS.' If your space does not reflect who you are to the core, something will feel off and you will always be frustrated.

'HAVE A CONVERSATION PIECE.' It continually breathes new life into your home.

'PLAY.' Introduce new colors and textures. Experience them, be curious. You may discover a whole new side of yourself that is waiting to be expressed.

HD: You have stated that you are bored by trends. How crucial is the client's input to the ideas and design you put forth in any given project?

KD: Client input is critical. It's their space, so it must resonate with them. If they are leaning heavily on trends, I try to dig a little deeper to discover what it is they're attracted to. Then I show them variations of what they're looking for that acknowledges a certain trend but is ultimately expressive of their true identity. This balance always produces spectacular results.

Photo Credit: FATHOM Design Company

HD: Is there a particular color or material you gravitate toward (consciously or subconsciously) throughout your work?

KD: There isn't a specific color but I personally gravitate toward dark and moody aesthetics. It certainly pops up in most of my work but ultimately, I focus on what is the best design representation for my clients' personal style.

HD: Has there been one particular factor to your work which you have implemented as a result of the COVID pandemic?

KD: The biggest hurdle the design community is still facing is that shipping is at least three times longer, production is either nonexistent or takes up to eight times as long and it has been difficult finding quality installers and finishers. Our clientele has been stir-crazy for so long and it's hard for them to wait on their finished spaces.

HD: Where do you see FATHOM Design Company in five years?

KD: Taking on more restaurant and hotel projects and expanding beyond NYC.

To learn more about FATHOM Design Company and book Kelly Dunn for an upcoming project, CLICK HERE.

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