Extend Your Summer In These Luxe Home Destinations

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With the summer season ending and temperatures starting to drop, having to go back to work on Monday and leave the beach behind can hurt more and more each week. What if I told you though that the summer needn’t end just because your friends are dusting off their fall sweater collections? Every year, geese take this time to start flying south—and so should you! Two luxury destinations south of the US have become the go-to destinations for living the high while everyone else is dressing in layers.

Montage Residences Los Cabos living dining

Los Cabos, built on Baja’s southern coast, has become a magnet for those in the know seeking a luxury lifestyle south of the border. With the Four Seasons, Ritz Reserve, and more making their debut in the area, Montage Hotel and Resorts is making a splash in the area with a unique setup. Built on one of the only swimmable beaches in the region and some of the best diving in Mexico, the resort boasts 124 guest rooms, but with 52 residential properties in the area too, that include the same amenities as the resort, too. Built across the 39 acres of white sandy beaches overlooking Santa Maria Bay, the resort is set to open in April of 2018, meaning now’s the time to get in quick!


Across the Caribbean, Jamaica is buzzing about The Tryall Club. Built on a former sugar plantation just outside Montego Bay, the 75 private villas in the neighborhood. Built atop roving hills, each villa has been expertly designed to feel like a tropical getaway while still matching the most distinct of tastes. A staff of butlers, chefs, housekeepers, laundress, and gardeners also cares for each estate. The property is also home to one of the best golf courses in Jamaica, with full 18 holes, nine on the waterfront and nine in the lush Jamaican countryside. The Mahogany Hill and Sugar Hill estates, each coming in at just over $5 Million, offer a tranquil getaway from even the rest of the plantation, with the homes sitting on over 3 acres of land each.


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