Exploring the Dominican Republic as a Caribbean Airline Hub

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Representatives of Dominican Republic’s tourism industry and commercial aviation experts are working together to make the Dominican Republic the Caribbean’s major airline hub. And this makes sense. Considerations are also being given to lowering taxes on passenger arrivals to supplement the plan. From a classical perspective, increased volume due to modernization, efficiency, and lower costs can benefit everyone.

At this time, the leading airport for travel to the Dominican Republic is the Punta Cana International Airport on the east side of the island. This airport offers direct flights from over 96 cities around the world — and is the fastest growing airport in the Caribbean. And the airport is “well-connected”. In other words, new world-class highways have been constructed to connect the airport to other strategic areas in the Dominican Republic.

Take the Samana Peninsula to the north, for example. There is a modern new road recently constructed that leads north from Punta Cana, passes Miches, and goes on to Sabana De La Mar. This safe and scenic road winds through some of the most pristine locations in the Dominican Republic. It terminates on the south side of the Samana Bay where a ferry boat service is being developed to go across the bay to the Samana Peninsula. The public works minister says that two piers will be built; one in Sabana de la Mar to the south, and one in Samaná to the north. This in turn will link the North Coast and the Eastern Region with boats to ferry both passengers and vehicles. The ferry boat service will be operated under the supervision of the Dominican Navy.


In our opinion, the Samaná Peninsula will soon be considered part of the Punta Cana tourism community. As mentioned above, the newly constructed roads and ferry boat service will create a “day-tour” adventure for vacationers and residents of the Punta Cana area. The Samaná Peninsula also has the El Catey – Samana International Airport at the base of the peninsula which is only minutes away. At this time, the airport serves international wide-body charters only, but will soon have scheduled flights from major airlines.

The north side of the Samaná Peninsula contains some of the most beautiful beaches in the Dominican Republic. The south side of the peninsula, which forms the Samana Bay, is more mountainous and provides ocean views for all sorts of private and residential developments. The bay is perfect for sailing, fishing, and all sorts of water sports. Although the bay gets the typical easterly trade winds, the waters stay calm and can be likened to a large inland lake. Short boat rides will take you to famous landmarks like Los Haitises National Park and Miches across the bay.

This area is perfect for retirement or seasonal use. The lifestyle is laid back, but can be glamorous in some of the beach towns like Las Terrenas, Samana, and Las Galeras. For the more cosmopolitan lifestyle, the capital city of Santo Domingo is only a 2-hour drive away on safe, modern, and scenic new highways.

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