Explore Carmel, California With Judie Profeta

Judie Profeta

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The residential crowd is made up of...a great diversity of cultures, ages, and backgrounds. We tend to have seasons where people from different areas race to be here because our weather is beautifully cool in the summer, and those from much hotter climates come for the cool air and the beautiful beaches. We are a Mediterranean climate and the average mean temperature is 65 degrees. We are a second home backyard for the Silicon Valley to escape to for peace, quiet, and an abundance of ways to be gently occupied. We have people from all over the world who could live pretty much anywhere they chose and come here because there is so much to see and do but at a nice, quiet pace. The Monterey Peninsula is world-class!

The community vibe is...hugely varied. Our entire community is not very large; yet we have such variety, from exclusive golf communities to historical townships to European villages to funky cowboy chi-chi villages to beach towns to magnificent ranch areas that span from mountains to beaches that are spectacularly white and clean. Our area is rich in history, culture, food, wine, and gentility. People come here to get away, and they stay.

The lifestyle offered is...pretty flexible. We have just about anything anyone could ask for. For the active resident, we offer golfing, sailing, surfing, diving, hiking, sailing, shopping, and on and on. For those with gourmand tastes, we have hundreds of restaurants and wineries to spend countless days sampling.


The most popular building type you’ll find is...anything that anyone could want. Our individual communities (all within minutes of each other) have their own signature look. We can offer any design and style desired. What we do not have are many developments with a lot of homes that all look alike.

The average home price is...

This really depends on the particular community chosen within this small coastal area. The range is generally between $700,000 and $40,000,000, plus or minus and everything in between.


The area’s greatest highlight is…the sense that you are in a happy place, and, of course, the natural beauty of the area from the mountains to the ocean. Most people who live here do so by choice, so the vibe or energy is one of contentment and joy.

The area’s best driving-distance getaways are…

By driving 20 minutes in any direction, you enter into an entirely different environment. You can be in downtown Carmel, which is like a European village, sitting on a white sand beach; then, 20 minutes south you enter into the Big Sur Coast with its groves or redwoods and beautiful forests on cliffs overlooking the sea. Twenty minutes in the opposite direction you are in downtown Monterey with wonderful historical buildings and a beautiful bay for sailing. Five minutes from there is Pacific Grove reminiscent of a town in the ‘40s. Another 20 minutes to the East is our version of wine country in Carmel Valley, which is loaded with vineyards and tasting rooms for miles.

The best spot to dine fancily is…

Call me–I have the list!

The best spots to find entertainment are…

We have the Sunset Center Cultural Center in Carmel that brings in a wide variety of venues on a regular basis and many other smaller theaters for plays, music productions, bands, and orchestras (depending on your likes)­–as well as local entertainment in restaurants and outdoor venues. You can find entertainment everywhere, all the time.

The best spots to go shopping are…

Carmel-By-the-Sea is the most central shopping area with a myriad of shops offering local artistry as well as some well-known names. Nearby, the Crossroads Shopping Center is laid out a bit like a village. We do have our shopping centers, but most of our visitors prefer the small, boutique shops, offered in each of our little towns.


The best place to tee off is…

There are over 18 courses here to choose from. The most famous is the Pebble Beach golf course­. Some courses are private, but most are public.

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