Experience Weightlessness With Opsvik’s Balans Chair

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Norwegian designer Peter Opsvik has unveiled the Balans Chair in collaboration with Varier Furniture, a piece which is both visually and technically stunning. The chair gives the user the unique experience of sitting comfortably while feeling as if they are floating free of gravity, mimicking the sensation felt by pilots and astronauts.

Best described as a contemporary take on the classic rocking chair, this piece has four reclining positions which help facilitate the body's natural breathing, meaning a higher state of relaxation. What's more, the elevated position of the legs helps to improve circulation while simultaneously  providing support to the spine and neck. The different positions of the chair and the weightless feeling it provides allows the user to feel completely relaxed.

Opsvik is an industrial designer who has developed a reputation for uniquely beautiful and ergonomic chairs.


Source and image courtesy of Inthralld

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