Eras of Design: Haute Design Experts Reveal Favorite Periods of Design

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In any form of art, there are eras which mark a collective form of thinking and execution. Our Haute Design Experts reveal their favorite era of design.

Photo Credit: Eric Soltan

Archetype Architecture 

Archetype Architecture’s Principal Architect, Alan Berman’s favorite design era is Midcentury, from around 1945-1969. It’s defined by using clean lines with a mix of organic and geometric shapes, minimal decor, neutral and bold colors, bringing nature indoors, and a focus on functionality. This style of interior design is timeless and relatively simple to emulate due to its ability to pair well with both modern and vintage homes alike. In the image above we include Alan Berman’s kitchen in his previous residence.

Photo Credit: Perla Lichi Design

Perla Lichi Design 

Perla Lichi’s design influences span across a nearly infinite spectrum. Different cultures and styles that have their own philosophies, which are steeped in history, have all contributed to how Perla and her team approach any project. The history of design is ever-changing and constantly evolving like an organism. A living thing cannot be tamed. There is too much to appreciate within every era of design and settling on only one is too restrictive.

In this featured living room, the style that Perla Lichi drew from was an amalgamation of different eras, tones, and feelings. The resulting effect is a very personal expression of the homeowner’s passionate sensibilities, which is represented by the bold splashes of purple hues.

The contrast of amethyst with sleek, alabastrine surfaces and the brilliant argent LEDs from the shimmering reflective ceiling convey modern sophistication. The baroque chandelier with dazzling, precious crystals that sparkle compliments the quartz coffee table with Murano accessories that become the centerpiece of the room. The combining of eras in the decor shows how we as a society have come so far, but also never forget where we came from.

Photo Credit: Ryan Hughes Design Build

Ryan Hughes Design Build 

From glass tile infinity-scapes to water walls, sunken fire lounges to designer kitchens, creating design in a contemporary era for the out-of-doors is multi-faceted and multi-functional. "Contemporary is a favorite design style of our team and our clients," relates Ryan Hughes. "We create bespoke outdoor spaces that typically follow modern sensibilities with a custom appeal. We are known for incorporating the very latest ideas and looks available." Outdoor designs often exhibit modern angular geometrics found in not only the line of sight spacial alignment, but also the latest in materials and elements defining contemporary outdoor living.

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