Eilyn Cueto Of Sire Design Sits With Haute Design

Sire Design

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Editor’s Note: Eilyn Cueto, who heads interior design firm Sire Design, spoke with Haute Design to talk about her process of working a space, collaborating with her clients and her wishes for the future. Read our Q&A with Eilyn Cueto below!

SIRE_DESIGN_Tampa_1605_206-HDR-Edit_FULL-RESPhoto Credit: Sire Design

What’s your favorite element to incorporate to create longevity in your living spaces? 

We use a lot of natural elements such as wood and stone in our designs. With a clean and minimal approach, the classic elements of any project become restored and elegantly combined with contemporary details making for timeless interiors and generally warm aesthetics – this is our foundation for the majority of our projects.

Sire DesignPhoto Credit: Sire Design

Typically, how involved are your clients in the design process?

It varies by client & project – some are very involved while others completely trust the process and allow us to really create something unique without limitations. The projects where we are truly able to put our design expertise on the table are the projects which display an elevated level of detail and unique approach based on our design philosophy – timeless design with a minimalistic approach.

Sire DesignPhoto Credit: Sire Design

Where do you draw inspiration from when coming up with a concept?

Inspiration is everywhere. However, our clients and their way of living is a fundamental inspiration. From there we implement the inspirations we receive while we traveling and translate them into color palettes, textures or concepts for our project. The concept of a project is key to ensuring there’s a sense of cohesiveness through the design – this phase of design development we take very seriously and dedicate a lot of time to ensure it speaks to us and our clients.

What are some of the most frequent challenges you come across when designing a space?

“Unforeseen conditions.” Elements in the project we cant see from a walkthrough or were not in the as-builts provided that sometimes force a change in a design element or requires us to rethink something we have designed in order to accommodate the change.

There’s a lot of challenges along the process of an Interior Design project however we have learned along the way to tackle them as they arise and always find a solution to any obstacle that is thrown our way.

Sire DesignPhoto Credit: Sire Design

You have also done design work for yachts, can you tell us about what goes into your interior design process in yachting?

Yacht design is a whole different species of design – everything is custom, everything must be very lightweight & waterproof. It’s a challenge, however a task that if done right can leave you with an itch to do more Yacht design (currently waiting to scratch that itch again).

Sire DesignPhoto Credit: Sire Design

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