Duoma Atelier Provides Expert Advice for Luxury Bathroom Design

Duoma Atelier

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Duoma Atelier is a multidisciplinary interior design studio that provides innovative and high-quality solutions for clients’ diverse lifestyles.

Photo Credit: Duoma Atelier

Co-founders Norma and Gaston Galella spoke to Haute Design about what is important to consider when designing a luxurious master bathroom.


Haute Design: What are some of the most important aspects that should go into a high-end master bathroom?

Norma Galella: When it comes to high-end master bathroom design, the sky is the limit! There are simply so many options in today’s design marketplace. Our approach, as always, is to listen to our clients' needs and carefully study their wish list to make the best recommendations. Having said that, we think it is imperative to create a functional space that feels both effortless and luxurious.

The most important factors are storage, millwork, plumbing fixtures, finishes and lighting controllability. For storage, we want to make sure the client has a space for everything so there’s no clutter in sight. We discuss what our clients' storage needs are at length and usually step it up a notch to make sure there’s room for growth. Millwork, plumbing fixtures and finishes will truly determine if the bathroom is standard or high-end, and the feel, look and quality for the latter is quite dramatic. The final touch is lighting, a well-lit bathroom is essential for all activities taking place, but flexibility to control the mood must be carefully planned to create a state-of-the-art luxury bathroom.

Photo Credit: Duoma Atelier

HD: How does a well-designed bathroom contribute to overall well-being?

NG: A well-designed bathroom makes you feel that you have stepped into a spa retreat. You should be able to disconnect, relax and re-charge from a long day. When we look into our client’s well-being, we don’t just stop at what paint color is the most soothing. We take it to the next level, and keep in mind everything that stimulates our senses in a positive way. What type finishes are best suited for this space? Are there exterior windows we can use to bring in more natural light while keeping privacy? Can we bring in indoor plants? Would our client like a steam room and/or a whirlpool bathtub for ultimate relaxation? May we integrate a sound system? Is the client interested in a TV or fireplace? In the shower, does our client want a rain shower and rain jets combination? How about chromotherapy, where water and LED color lighting synchronize depending on their mood? As you can see, there’s so much to uncover when it comes to well-being that is so interrelated to high-end luxury design.

HD: When it comes to two people sharing a master bathroom, such as in the master bathroom, how do you deal with privacy?

Gaston Galella: That is one of the questions we ask when we go through our discovery session. How is this bathroom going to be used and what is the privacy level we should consider when it comes to its use? Nowadays, the only request we get for privacy is the toilet room, which we always propose if the space allows. For those clients who want the privacy but prefer the open space look of glass doors, we can incorporate smart privacy glass which is transparent when the room is not used, and turns to frosted when in use.

Photo Credit: Duoma Atelier

HD: This bathroom has a great sense of symmetry. Was this a request from the client?

GG: The existing layout of the bathroom was very symmetrical to begin with because of its hexagon shaped exterior walls. However, the client was very adamant to make sure we kept that balance by placing the beautiful freestanding bathtub in the middle of the center window. Everything else followed suit - the vanities, window treatment and light fixture, aligned and centered in the space, accomplishing the client's goal.

Photo Credit: Duoma Atelier

HD: Explain the use of natural hues and elements in this bathroom. It adds a very calming feeling. 

NG: Our inspiration was our client’s sophisticated and beautiful traditional home, which set the stage for this one-of-a-kind master bathroom. They knew exactly what they wanted - a more transitional yet classic style bathroom which they could enjoy for years to come. The protagonist for this project is the freestanding bathtub, followed by the Calcatta gold quartz used on the vanities, shower bench and shower opening frame detail. We used the warm color on this stone to develop the rest of the palette, creating a sophisticated and soothing feel. Everything, from the right “off white” for the walls and linen curtains, to the polished nickel metal finish on the plumbing fixtures and accessories, was carefully selected to complement this warm palette.

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