Douglas Sabo Shares His Thoughts On The Quality Of Living In The Hamptons

Douglas Sabo

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Douglas Sabo, Long Island native, has been passionate about sharing the beauty and serenity of the East End for as long as he can remember. Focusing his attention on discerning the needs of his clients has awarded him renowned titles including Privet Hedges Rookie of the Year. Haute Residence sat down with Douglas to discuss the quality of living in The Hamptons and his predictions of the future market trends.

What is your number one advice to buyers looking to make their next purchase?

I advise all my buyers to do their due diligence, if you are going to be looking to take out a mortgage start speaking with mortgage brokers so there are no surprises and you truly know what you can afford. If you don’t have a real estate attorney yet, start speaking with different local attorneys so that they are ready to move the property into contract once you have an accepted offer.  Lastly, start familiarizing yourself with the area and what exactly you are looking for.  Once you have done this work, its becomes less of a headache to buy and when you do finally find the house you are ready to make an offer on you can move quickly and lessen the chance of loosing it because the early work wasn’t done.

What advice would you give someone looking to relocate to The Hamptons?

My advice is to familiarize yourself with the area, between Southampton, East Hampton, Bridgehampton, Sagaponack, Sag Harbor, Watermill, Amagansett, Springs, noyack and north sea to name a few of the areas, they are all different and have their own market and price points.  Each area has its own special feel and culture and knowing what you are looking for will help you narrow in on where you would want to live

How would you describe style and quality of living in The Hamptons?   

The Hamptons is one of the premier destinations in the world.  Its a must stop on the social calendar for the worlds elites during the summer.  That being said as a beach and farm culture our style is more laid back and allows you to take time to enjoy things.  The quality of living is also unparalleled, you are surrounded by natural beauty from stunning sunsets, world renowned ocean beaches and beautiful farm views.  The Hamptons has great schools, great restaurants and a wonderfully community to live in.  You are also close to New York City making it a breeze to get in when you need to.

What real estate market trends have you seen in the last 5 years and where do you see the market and trends going in the next 5?

We have been starting to see a correction on the higher end of the market which I think will continue over the next year though the lower end of the market has remained strong.  I think in the next five years the major trend will be downsizing from large homes to having a smaller square footage but keeping all the luxury and smart home features that buyers are looking for.  Especially in the Hamptons where we are a second home market people are looking for less upkeep as the last thing they want to do when they come out for the weekend or during the summer is house work.

Photos courtesy of Douglas Sabo 

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