Discovering Cozy Elegance: Hearth and Hand Magnolia Collection at Target

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As the cool breeze of autumn continues, signaling spooky movie releases, pumpkin-flavored delights, and cozy pots of Joanna Gaines’ signature chili, Target adds another layer of excitement to the season with the launch of its new Hearth and Hand Magnolia collection. Move over scary movies and warm beverages; there's something even better in store to welcome the crisp weather – a collection that is not only stylish but also budget-friendly, ensuring a touch of farmhouse elegance that can be enjoyed year-round.

Unveiling Hearth and Hand with Magnolia

Target’s Hearth and Hand with Magnolia collection stems from a collaborative effort between the retail giant and the creative minds behind the popular show “Fixer Upper,” Chip and Joanna Gaines. The couple's farmhouse-inspired aesthetic permeates every aspect of the collection, from soft, muted hues to vintage finishes, making it a favorite among enthusiasts of home design since its inception in 2018.

Now, with the addition of dozens of new pieces, the collection expands to include kitchenware tailored for baking up Joanna Gaines' famous recipes. Imagine indulging in slices of banana bread on creamy melamine dinner plates or serving delectable dinner biscuits on a stunning wooden platter. These latest additions are designed to elicit compliments from guests and infuse a sense of warmth and hospitality into any home.

Where to Find the Hearth and Hand Magnolia Collection

Exclusive to Target, the Hearth and Hand Magnolia collection is priced affordably, with items ranging from $1.99 to $579.99. The curated assortment spans vintage-inspired home decor to kitchenware, offering everything from practical prep bowls to stylish armchairs and area rugs.

Noteworthy Finds in the Collection

  • Nespresso Vertuo Plus Deluxe:
  • For those wavering between Keurig and Nespresso, the Hearth and Hand Magnolia Nespresso Vertuo Plus Deluxe machine offers a stunning single-cup brewing option. With a modern off-white color and minimalistic design, it complements various kitchen styles. The machine reads Nespresso capsule codes, ensuring automatic brewing parameters and a delightful range of coffee flavors.
  • Nested Serving Stands:
  • Display Joanna Gaines' creations with style on these nested serving stands. Perfect for showcasing desserts or serving appetizers, these two-tier stands come with a swiveling lower shelf for easy access and a built-in loop for convenient transport.
  • Stoneware Mixing/Serving Bowl Set:
  • Ideal for whipping up a batch of Magnolia Bakery banana pudding, this three-piece stoneware mixing and serving bowl set in a warm grey color ensures fuss-free storage with its clever nesting design.
  • Sideboard Buffet Cabinet:
  • A wooden sideboard buffet cabinet serves not only as a functional storage solution but also as an elegant backdrop for a spread of Joanna Gaines' favorite recipes. Versatile enough to store dishes, decorations, or even function as an entertainment center, this brown buffet seamlessly integrates into various decor styles.
  • Fluted Stoneware Baking Dish:
  • Make baking a delightful experience with this oven-to-table fluted stoneware baking dish. Its sturdy construction allows for oven-safe use up to 500°F, and the gold-tone cradle carrier facilitates easy transport after baking.
  • Double Handle Wood Serving Board:
  • Carve, serve, or prep with ease using this double-handle wood serving board. Its natural wood finish, large size, and paddle shape make it perfect for both hors d'oeuvres and meal prep.
  • 20-Inch Preserved Olive Wreath:
  • Seasonal decor takes center stage with the preserved olive wreath. Adorned with dried olives and branches, this 20-inch wreath serves as a versatile farmhouse-style wall hanging that can be customized with fairy lights for a holiday touch.
  • Canvas Slipcover Armless Dining Chair:
  • Elevate your dining experience with the canvas slipcover armless dining chair. Available in cream or gray, its elegant skirted slipcover is machine-washable for easy maintenance.
  • Stoneware Espresso Cup and Saucer:
  • Coffee enthusiasts can enjoy the espresso cup and saucer set, crafted from sturdy stoneware and perfect for displaying a chic cafe-style spread next to a coffee pod holder.
  • Marble and Wood Mortar and Pestle Set:
  • Add a touch of glamour to your kitchen with the marble and wood mortar and pestle set. Ideal for preparing herbs and spices, this classic kitchen tool effortlessly combines rustic aesthetics with serious flavor.

The Hearth and Hand Magnolia Collection

Target's Hearth and Hand Magnolia collection offers a delightful fusion of style and affordability. From stylish furniture to timeless seasonal wreaths, each piece reflects the warmth and charm synonymous with Chip and Joanna Gaines' farmhouse-inspired aesthetic. As you cozy up to the cool weather, consider adorning your home with these finds, transforming it into a haven of comfort and elegance."

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