Dante DiSabato Shares Spring Real Estate Trends In Naples

Dante DiSabato

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1807 Snook Dr, Naples, FL 34102

Spring is a time of year where people start moving and looking for a new one. Real estate agent, Dante DiSabato, has helped his clients with buying and selling over $250 million in property. He’s also one of Florida’s youngest members of Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate, a global collection of the finest luxury real estate brokers in the world. DiSabato caught up with Haute Residence to discuss if Spring is the busiest season in Naples and what area buyers are loving in Naples the most:

Do you see more buyers shopping for homes during The Spring compared to other times of the year?

Absolutely. The spring is the best time to buy a property in Southwest Florida. The hustle and bustle of the season are dying down and the “real” buyers are here ready to pull the trigger. It is tough to buy a house when you are down with family and friends and are entertaining. Most people want to take their time and fully understand the purchase they are making especially in some of the higher price points.

Is there a particular area in your market where you are seeing more buyers move to? Why?

Buyers in our market move to what fits their lifestyle — whether that be downtown, the beach, a gold course community, etc. I would say that it is more of a price point and what people can get. Most want new product and under $2 million — which is flying off the shelves right now. People want the move or transition to be easy and with the property being new, clean and ready to go they don’t have to update anything or fix anything prior to moving in.

Are there any features you’re seeing more buyers ask for in their homes?

Everyone wants every feature they can get and I also believe it depends on price points. However, I would say a lot of the features are based around possible storm concerns. People want hurricane windows, newer A/C units, a new roof... more of the “guts” of the house versus cosmetic items.

What are some favorite features you love about your market?

I love the different properties in our market place. There are so many different styles, views, finishes, condos versus single family, beach versus golf course, downtown versus neighborhood. There is something for everyone, but I love the diversity of lifestyle that Naples offers. It’s no wonder Naples has earned the top spot four years running in a Gallup national poll for wellbeing.

Any advice for buyers this time of year?

Now is the time to buy. Sellers are ready to make deals before the true summer months. Come ready to go!!


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