[Manhattan, NY] Kelly Dunn

500 7th Ave. New York, NY 10018





Kelly Dunn’s obsession with authentic expression is unparalleled and is the driving force behind her award-winning firm, FATHOM design company.

She is sought out by her colleagues as an expert on out-of-the-box solutions and blending colors and textures in imaginative ways that breathe new life into the world of interior design.

If you are only interested in what’s trending, walk on by. She is not the designer for you.

“Trends bore me. I can’t stand walking into a room and not learning anything about who lives there or not being able to tell if this is their room or one of the other 25 rooms I’ve seen just like it.”

“We as humans are multi-faceted so our spaces should reflect that. In all my residential projects, I create layers of intrigue through art, texture, and pattern while developing a sense of calm through grounding color palettes.”

Featured in multiple publications, FATHOM design company is leading future generations to unapologetic expression by way of storytelling through interior design.