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Curated Home Staging offers bespoke luxury home staging services in Miami Dade and Broward County. Offering custom design packages, our mission is to transform vacant properties into welcoming homes that potential buyers fall in love with. No two projects are ever the same; we don’t just stage, we embrace the style of the home and tell a story your target buyer can emotionally connect with – be it contemporary, mid-century modern, coastal or any other style, we’ll ensure it sends a signal in an ocean of noise. Because all our furnishings are for sale, buyers can move in on closing day instead of starting from scratch, a huge value to buyers, sellers, and realtors alike! Using this method we’ve consistently helped sellers and realtors get their properties under contract faster and for more money. If you’d like to discuss your project please contact Melanie Haselmayr, VP of CURATED. for your private consultation.