“Designer Talk” With Odalys Hernandez Of House Of Odalys

Odalys Hernandez

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Recognized interior designer Odalys Hernandez, Founder and Principal of House of Odalys, sat down with Haute Design for a Q&A on her career beginnings, highlights and future!

Odalys 1Photo Credit: Greg Lotus

Haute Design: Who or what made you look at interior design as a potential world to enter?

Odalys Hernandez: I went to college with the intent of becoming a fashion designer, but after one class of art and furniture history, I was hooked and changed my major to interior design I had seriously considered going for fashion design, I loved sewing and pattern making, but back in the day, believe it or not Miami was a good three years behind the fashion scene. All we had were sewing factories in Hialeah.

We had a counselor talk to my Home Economics class. When she mentioned and explained interior design, it totally clicked.  I would always drag my parents’ furniture around to give our home a fresh look. As a kid, I would make sure my voice was heard when my mother would reupholster anything in the house or have drapes made. I had always related fashion to interior design without really having a clue.

HD: When did you start your career in interior design?

OH: In 1982, I graduated from college, got married two weeks after, and by the end of that year was working in commercial interiors.

HD: When did you decide it was time to open your own firm?

OH: After 16 years of owning a high-end furniture manufacturing company I walked away from it leaving it to my now ex-husband (2nd one!). I decided to return to my true passion, which is interior design. House Of Odalys was incorporated in 2017.

HD: What projects have been highlights for you so far for House of Odalys?

OH: My best project so far was a dream job of being able to design and select everything and the client giving me the green light. It was a small job but very rewarding.

HD: What do you wish to do in future projects that you have not had the chance to do so yet?

OH: The dream job would entail to travel to other countries and buy precious objects or art for clients. I could see myself in Paris at an auction house bidding for that perfect sculpture.

I once owned an antique store. I traveled to England and bought a 40-foot container full of French and English antiques. I can truly say that was my favorite thing to have done for work. Now, I would not want to do a whole house with antiques. I have fine-tuned my taste to being more on the eclectic side.

Odalys Hernandez 2Photo Credit: Greg Lotus

For more on Odalys Hernandez and House of Odalys, visit http://www.HouseOfOdalys.com.

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