Design for Year Round Summer Living

Susan Rocco

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Haute Design by Haute Residence caught up with renowned designer Susan Rocco to discuss the designer’s latest interior project.

In the spirit of summertime, we would like to highlight a project inspired by an endless summer lifestyle, nowhere better lived than in the Florida Keys. We designed several rooms in this magnificent Ocean Reef estate home, each one uniquely characteristic, but all a nod to the unparalleled spirit of the Florida Keys.

Photo courtesy of Susan Rocco, The Kitchenworks

A poolside staple is a summer kitchen outfitted with features to ensure hours of effortlessly enjoyable time outdoors. This summer kitchen checks off all the boxes. Stylistically capturing the relaxed, island-style, it also incorporates state-of-the-art, luxury cooking appliances as well as entertainment, making room for a large T.V. concealed within a custom cabinet behind folding doors. These features guarantee this area will become one of the home's most widely used entertaining areas.

Photo courtesy of Susan Rocco, The Kitchenworks

This outdoor kitchen relates to its surroundings through its color, inspired by the resplendent sand. Through its unaffected, simple shaker style, reminiscent of the traditional Florida Keys conch style architecture. The backsplash motif and countertops echo the lush tropical landscape beyond. Functionally, it is a challenge to build cabinetry for outdoor kitchens that will stand up to the rain, heat, and humidity of South Florida's climate. Therefore, the cabinetry boxes, doors and drawers were built out of Starboard polymer which will stand up to the extreme weather conditions of South Florida.

Photo courtesy of Susan Rocco, The Kitchenworks

Sub-Zero/Wolf appliances were selected for this outdoor space, trusted for their performance, quality and features. The kitchen is outfitted with an ice maker, under-the-counter refrigerator, the rotisserie with an infrared burner on the B.B.Q. and the side burner to provide optimal performance and plenty of space to cook the many meals that will be enjoyed in this beautiful oceanfront space!

Photo courtesy of Susan Rocco, The Kitchenworks

Another staple of a waterfront estate is the Captain’s Quarters. A suite designated for the estate vessel’s captain, it encompasses everything a captain would need for a comfortable stay during dockage. Space for sleeping, eating and living are accommodated within this one room. This small functional kitchenette follows suit with the same challenge of housing a multitude of functional demands. In this small run of cabinetry, functional stations for refrigeration, cooking and clean-up are incorporated in one, long straight run. Appliances seamlessly integrated to make up a built-in kitchenette that compliments the room and reflects the charm and style of the rest of the home. Injected to heighten the charm, a farm sink and glass doors cabinets were added the design. The kitchenette is both clean-lined, transitional and quaint in style. Here again, the classic shaker doorstyle in a crisp shade of white, recalls the feeling of a Key West cottage. 

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