Dennis Hanlon Talks Park City, UT Real Estate And Sense Of Community During COVID-19 Crisis

Dennis Hanlon

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What a difference a week makes… At this time last week, the ski resorts were humming along, skiing was terrific, Main St was bustling and restaurants required reservations.

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Saturday morning a report surfaced that a local employee on Main St had tested positive for COVID-19 and word spread like wildfire. By Saturday afternoon, I received a notice that all Vail resorts, (Park City Mountain Resort) were closing for a week. This announcement was quickly followed by Deer Valley, Alta, Snowbird and Brighton announcing that they would also be suspending operations for at least a week. By Sunday evening, all resorts except for Brian Head in central Utah and Powder Mountain had announced that they were closing. On Sunday evening, Summit County came out to say that all of the county resorts, PC and DV, restaurants, churches, spas and most businesses would have to close until at least April 16, ending any hope that the ski season might continue. Restaurants would be allowed to deliver meals for curbside pick up only. The food markets would stay open as a necessity.

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On Monday, Powder Mountain also closed, leaving Brian Head as the only Utah resort open. (Editor's note: Brian Head has since closed for the winter season). Driving around town Monday morning felt more like mid-April than mid-March. It was warm, very little snow in town and streets were empty. Then, Wednesday morning we experienced an earthquake! Fortunately for us here in Park City, we were far enough removed from the epicenter that it was only a jolt that did little if any damage, but it certainly shook already frayed nerves.

The good in all of this is to see how everyone in Park City has rallied to help each other. Immediately, a Facebook page came up for residents in need, to ask for help and for those willing to help. It is truly warming to see how many of our local residents have stepped up to help those who have lost their jobs or for health reasons are afraid to venture out. The offers to go shopping, pick up meals from restaurants or find sanitary products for those who cannot are an inspiration. It seems that in times of crisis people step up, and perhaps even more so in small close communities like Park City. While things will most certainly get worse, this will end, and hopefully, we will come out stronger.

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In the meantime, life and business go on. Not surprisingly, Real Estate sales have slowed, but have not come to an end. I see new sales being reported every day across all price ranges and market types. The biggest change is that we are not holding open houses right now and agents are working from home rather than offices. Fortunately for us, we are accustomed to doing business remotely and through virtual methods, so I am still able to communicate effectively with my buyers and sellers and show properties to interested buyers. As is often the case, difficult times also bring opportunities and the savvy investor is ready to act! As many of us are now working from home and have time, I would love to hear from you and chat about what is happening in your area and perhaps just to chat about real estate in general.

Take care, be safe and please help out as much as you can… good times will return soon enough!

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