Defining Luxury: A Quantitative Measure

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Elle Decor recently did a piece on defining luxury and had  400 members of Elle Decor’s Designer Registry contribute to the piece. These experts shared their opinions, allowing the magazine to come up with a summary of what designers think qualify as luxury. And if it's good enough for designers, it's good enough for everyone. Here are some of their findings:

68% agree that quality is important. The magazine shares: Quality beats everything else in determining what constitutes true luxury, with 68 percent of designers citing it as the single most important factor. No other aspect reached even double digits in the survey.

When picking items, 38% think design is a top priority. This was followed closely by "high-end materials" at 29 percent and craftsmanship at 22 percent. Exclusivity came last at a mere 5 percent.

74% believe that a spa bath is the most crucial amenity in a luxury home. "Outdoor kitchens, home gyms, and pools were cited by more than 60 percent. Only 5 percent chose a tennis court."

34% agree that location is the determining factor of whether a home is in the luxury category or not. Only 1 percent found square footage to be important and 27 percent cited architectural elements.

Source courtesy Elle Decor. To read the full piece, please follow this link. Photo courtesy Trendecor.

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