Decorilla Presents High-end Interior Design with New Platinum Service

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Wish you could obtain personalized interior design expertise from the comfort of your couch? Whether you are always on-the-go, or just looking for something convenient, VR interior design firm Decorilla has just what you need.

Photo Credit: Decorilla

Through the use of today’s latest technology, Decorilla virtually connects clients with their team of over 300 top-tier interior designers and over 350 high-end furniture brands. At a time of global economic slowdown, the package provides luxury level services at minimal prices.

This week, Decorilla has proudly announced the launch of their brand new, high-end platinum service. Not only does it personalize the online design experience by allowing clients to work closely with their professional designer but it combines the work with industry-leading project management assistance to help on-site throughout the process. This package is perfect for projects that seek particular attention to detail such as gut-renovations and brand new builds but without an extravagant price tag. The hybrid model allows low-risk and low-cost with the same premium services.

Photo Credit: Decorilla

“A large market segment wants high-end interior design but would shy away from the traditional interior design model due to inconveniences, lack of guaranteed quality control, and difficulties finding the right designer,” says Decorilla founder and CEO Agnieszka Wilk. “Pairing advanced online design technologies with industry leading designers and exceptional project management helps to service that niche.”

By offering project management, the platinum service completes the high-end interior design experience from start to finish. The management process provides a number of concierge services including exclusive furniture, discounts on high-end furniture, contracting quote assistance, delivery and appointment coordination, and much more, making Decorilla’s Platinum service the first end-to-end interior design service using the latest technological advancements.

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