Deborah Schmidt Shares Her Design Aesthetic and Inspiration

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Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

I find inspiration everywhere…the textures and color plays of nature, fashion, art, and music. I try to fill my days with beauty. I get my best ideas in the quiet of the night or early morning…it’s a wonderful time to problem solve.

What should a client expect from you should they choose you as their interior designer?

Ideas, ideas, ideas! I like to start with the architecture of the project, look for the beauty of the empty space and work to develop the space to its fullest potential.

What other designer’s work do you admire? 

Well, lets start with Julia Morgan's exciting architecture in the early 1900s. Today, I really like the work of Axel Vervoordt, particularly the unique spaces in the Flemish and Bavarian farmhouse renovations. I also recently saw a modern NYC apartment by Cristiana Mascasenhas that was casual but exciting…just beautifully designed.

Are you looking forward to following any new designs trends this year?

I generally like the "loosening up" of interior design. By that I mean less stiff, perfect, formal and more casual, livable spaces with personality.

What characteristics does your dream client have?

Lets see...I have had a number of dream clients recently. They have really great taste in life. They are wonderful interesting people…fun to be with and work with.

How do you intend to take your design expertise to the next level?

Life has a way of bringing new challenges, and with each challenge met we grow a bit and move on up to the next level. I do love my job!

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