Dante DiSabato Shares The Most Sought After Area In Naples

Dante DiSabato

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After being named America's Happiest and Healthiest city for three consecutive years, it's to no surprise that Naples is the ideal location for luxury homebuyers. Real estate agent, Dante DiSabato, has assisted his clientele in both buying and selling over $250 million in property. By creating genuine relationships, DiSabato has ensured satisfaction with each and every one of his clients. DiSabato caught up with Haute Residence to discuss which areas are most sought after in Naples, and what the endless benefits of investing  in properties.


What advice would you give homebuyers looking to invest in property right now?

That’s a great question, it all depends on what type of investment they are looking for. The best advice I would give them is to make sure to pick the best location, which will instill long-term value for them. Naples offers all types of investments from spec homes, to rehabs, to rental incomes. The good thing is people can ride the upswing in appreciation while renting their property or building a home.


What changes have you seen within the market recently regarding investments?

That it’s harder to find a “deal” per se. There still is investment opportunity — it is just harder to find since everyone here thinks they are in real estate.


Are there any particular areas you would advise potential buyers to look in?

I call 5th Avenue South the center of the universe, so if you can get as close to that you will be good! That’s the main corridor of downtown and the main vein of Olde Naples. Five or six blocks on either side gives you walking distance to the restaurants and shops of 5thAve. S., and still leaves you close enough to walk to the beach.


Which type of properties are investors typically seeking?

Investors are seeking condos usually because it is easy maintenance from a far. And luckily, Naples has a terrific selection of condos available at any given time. Everything from brand new units to older spaces that are selling right because they might need updating. But all of them leave you in the city that has been named America’s Healthiest and Happiest City for three straight years.


What are the benefits for investing in a property?

You can have equity in a property while gaining in appreciation and cover your cost of that property or even turn a profit. Best case scenario you make a nice profit. Worst case scenario you have property in one of the best places in the country.

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