Dante DiSabato On Naples Real Estate And Its Neighborhoods

Dante DiSabato

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Editor's Note: Naples real estate expert Dante DiSabato talks about the real estate market in the Southwestern area of Florida and increased demand for its homes and estates in this Q&A with Haute Residence.

How do you suggest people learn about neighborhoods or specific areas when they consider moving to Naples?

I always recommend they contact an agent to educate them on the market and the surrounding areas. When they get to a certain club, I always recommend they meet with the membership directors to get a tour of the property since they know more about the club than an agent. It all depends on the lifestyle people are looking for and Naples has many different areas to choose from that fits most of those lifestyles.

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Country club living is part of the Naples lifestyle. Are there certain positives and negatives that new buyers should be aware of?

I would make sure that new buyers are aware of the location of the developments. Most country clubs are away from the action and self isolated, so it just depends on the lifestyle someone is looking for. If they want to be active at the club and stay there then it is a positive, however if you want to “venture off campus” you’ll want to make sure that the club is in a good location in Naples to where you want to go.

When buyers are torn between new construction and buying a home that needs renovation, do you have any tips or formulas that might help them make a decision?

I always stress new construction which has warranty, built to current codes and most of the time easier than a rehab property to my customers. However they might be able to get a better “deal” on a rehab but have to make sure that it is inspected thoroughly so they don’t run into any unexpected issues down the road. I also have great contacts in the building market here to help assist people making the rehab process fun and easy.

Dante DiSabatoPhoto Credit: Matt Steeves Photography

You've become known for building in Olde Naples and the famed Port Royal neighborhoods. What separates/differentiates those areas from the rest of Naples?

Olde Naples and Port Royal has become some of the most expensive real estate in the country in the last couple of years. We have been very fortunate to be competing every day in this market. The reason for Olde Naples to be such a high value is the walkability to the beach and downtown. The reason for Port Royal is the estate like features with boating and the club access just south of Downtown. Usually anything West of 41 and South will command a high price.

Is there another area of Naples that is trending or seeing a lot of growth?

Currently we are having a very fun market. I want everyone to get in on that fun! We have a lack of inventory everywhere and there really isn’t an area that separates itself from another setting a trend. I would say all of Naples is setting a trend with less than 4 months inventory available and prices increasing. Again we are lucky to be in our current market and will continue to see this increase for years to come.

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