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Dante DiSabato

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Naples real estate expert Dante DiSabato joined Haute Residence for a one-on-one interview on the Southwest Florida's city's very active 2020 market and how 2021 will be even busier.

2020 didn't go as expected in any regards. But based on how 2020 ended, how is the Naples market shaping up for 2021?

The 2021 market is shaping up to blow 2020 out of the water. The start of it currently is moving at a pace that Naples has never seen. There is a lack of inventory and the buyers don’t stop coming. We are very lucky to be in this position right now.

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What are clients currently asking for in Naples?

I am getting a little bit of everything from condo, to villa, to single-family. I would say the majority is a single-family buyer as people want their own space. I would say a variety like the walkability to downtown or a country club community.

What's one new part of the market you've noticed in 2020 that you expect to continue and expand into 2021?

The amount of buyers that we have right now is unreal. It doesn’t seem to stop and I believe it will continue.

You’ve mentioned that inventory is low, how does that impact the market and how do you guide clients in order to make the right decisions?

Inventory IS at an ALL TIME LOW right now. It makes the market a true seller's market and a challenge for the normal Naples buyer that isn’t used to bidding wars, losing properties or paying close to asking pice. I have warned my clients to be ready willing and able to pull the trigger if something comes up that they want or else it will be gone.

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What’s happening in Naples that keeps it so popular?

I would say No. 1 is its location and accessibility. Its amenities (i.e. shopping, dining, golf courses, sandy beaches, and entertainment) make it a place that is unlike any other. It is also what I call a very safe, small and quaint growing beach town with $65 million properties!

As a developer as well as a Realtor, are your new homes changing in order to adapt to the change in lifestyles?

Yes, they are. I keep trying to continue to be original and bring product that Naples has never seen before vs. the same old stuff. It is tougher and harder but worth it in the end to create something special.

For more information, please contact Dante DiSabato at 239-932-3908 or dante.disabato@raveis.com

Dante DiSabato is the exclusive agent representing the Naples, Florida real estate market as a member of the Haute Residence Real Estate Network. View all of his listings here.

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