Cove 3 Home in South Africa Blends into Coastline

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A very cool-looking home dubbed Cove 3 has been cleverly built into South Africa’s coastline, near the town of Knysna, blending in with its picture-perfect surroundings. It was constructed to provide pristine and optimal views of the ocean.

1_Cove 3_Patios

Designed by architecture firm SAOTA, the building includes a wide range of elements that help integrate the structure into a steep slope, and are instrumental to its southern-facing orientation. These include (but are not limited to) the home’s single-pane roof (sloping in the direction of the topography), large glass walls, and expansive outdoor deck.

2_Cove 3_Open View

Interestingly, the roof is tilted in a way that allows for direct sunlight, and its composition responds to solar analysis. Temperatures are carefully regulated inside the home through the use of a combination of architectural and scientific techniques, such as high-performance glass purposefully installed to minimize heat gain.

3_Cove 3_Roof

Cove 3’s vast openings to the south and east, coupled with incredibly spacious living quarters, create the sensation that one is physically “sitting in the landscape,” as opposed to feeling enclosed in a room while peering out.

4_Cove 3_Integrated into Slope

The residence is (approximately) 10,818 square feet and features a neutral palette of ivory, stone, and shell, which beautifully complement the natural-looking architecture. This is especially observed from the master bedroom. Another fascinating touch is frameless glass sliding doors that can fold away and connect the bedroom to an upper-level patio (providing quite the ocean view).

5_Cove 3_Master Bedroom

The infinity-edge pool is especially mesmerizing, as it visually blends (especially from the angle shown below, left) with the ocean that is only a bit further away. A wide-set staircase (below, right) connects the main and upper levels.

6_Cove 3_Pool

Additionally passing through the residence’s three levels is a stunning, sculptural spiral staircase.

7_Cove 3_Spiral Staircase

SAOTA designed Cove 3 in conjunction with its interior design studio Antoni Associates, a Cape Town-based firm. To emphasize the home’s “strong architectural lines,” the team took a minimalistic approach when it came to adding furnishings, according to a recent Design Boom report.

Photos and details courtesy of Design Boom

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