Courtney Love’s Former Residence Up for Grabs at $11.4 Million

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The landmarked townhouse at 250 West 10th Street in New York’s West Village, formerly occupied by celebrity songstress Courtney Love, is on the selling block for $11.4 million.

Owner Donna Lyon, it is rumoured, may be selling the 25’ wide, four-storey residence due to stress caused by the landlording experience; the listing photos are the same ones used in the 2009 listing the last time the property was up for sale.  In the real estate ad for the home, no mention is made of Love having resided there.  In June of 2011, firefighters had to put out a small fire on the fourth floor of the property after the curtains somehow became ablaze; Love suffered minor burns to her hands in the incident.  Other than the burnt curtains, no other damage resulted from the fire.  Love also attempted to re-do the wallpaper without permission;  Lyon attempted to evict Love, but a court said Love could remain as she was up-to-date with rent.

Before Love moved in, designer and architect Stephen Gambrel took two years to painstakingly restore the home to its former glory.  Built in 1827 for a well-to-do Flemish merchant, the home features old-fashioned yet luxurious flourishes such as six fireplaces, a horsewalk, an original limestone cooking fireplace and a garden.  The home also features three bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, and laundry room.  Current pictures of the home are not yet available on the realtor’s listing.

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