Costa Rica Luxury President Discusses What Clients Are Seeking

Costa Rica Luxury Estates

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Yalile Alpizar, president of Costa Rica Luxury Estates, has found success in her real estate career since 1999. Using advanced techniques including public relations management and marketing have allowed her to pioneer the luxury real estate market in Costa Rica. The top agent sat down with Haute Residence to discuss the four characteristics clients seek when purchasing a property.

Moving to Costa Rica is a life adventure, a process of adapting to a new culture, learning a new language, and accepting the many challenges that day by day experiences will bring.

Over many years of working with foreign clients, there are four characteristics that are repeated over and over when it comes to outlining the basic requirements that the property has to meet.  We have called them the SPOT because they represent the new address that the client is trying to find.

For most foreign clients, the SPOT must meet the following four requirements:

  1. Security.  A place that meets security standards
  2. Privacy.  A place that offers privacy for family and friends.
  3. Ownership.  A place that is finally yours and makes you proud and happy.
  4. Tranquility.  A place that brings quiet times, peace and happiness.

Security:  The world has changed.  The feeling of insecurity has moved our society to question security issues, like never before.  When it comes to outlining security preferences, some families will prefer a gated community or an apartment building, with 24-hour security, others will prefer to live in an independent parcel where they can control their own security.  Security features can be very sophisticated in high-end homes; it can vary from just having security cameras around the perimeter all the way up to having a smart home with full security features that can be controlled from anywhere in the world, and even a full-service panic room inside the house.  But on the other hand, it is also very important to note, that we have many families who have never experienced the need to install security features inside their property, and they enjoy the fact that in Costa Rica they can come and go without the feeling of insecurity.

Privacy:  A home should be a private paradise.  There is nothing more delightful than enjoying the benefits that a private home brings.  High-end buyers have a specific interest in privacy as one of the most precious treasures of family life.  Privacy is critical to luxury home buyers.

Ownership:  Owning real estate in a foreign country can become a nightmare if the due diligence process and transfer of title are not done properly.  Transferring title in a clean and transparent way is one of the most important aspects of the process of buying a home, and for that reason, it is so important to count on the services of professional legal advisors from reputable law firms, some of which we can highly recommend.  On the other hand, some very unique and luxurious beach homes in Costa Rica are located inside the Maritime Zone, and the process of buying a property inside the Maritime Zone requires much more due diligence and professional advice than regular property.

Tranquility:  There is no paradise if there is no peace and tranquility.  High-end buyers give a very special value to the fact that they want a property where there is a feeling of tranquility.  They measure tranquility from the moment they cross the door.  The property talks by itself and the connection is almost immediate.   For high-end buyers’ money is not the issue, but it is clear in their minds that no money can pay for peace and tranquility.

Finding a new home is probably one of the biggest challenges a family has to face, and for that reason, it is so important to count with the assistance of a real professional to guide the way.  Costa Rica Luxury Estates has served the needs of high end foreign and local clients for over 26 years, and our experience, expertise, and work ethic is at the service of our distinguished clientele.

Luxury real estate in Costa Rica is characterized by the finest quality and sophistication, involving the work of internationally recognized building companies and architectural firms.  Different architectural styles are part of our select inventory, Natura with a modern tropical architectural style, Villa Firenze in ultra elegant Italian style, El Castillo, built by a French Countess in Mediterranean style, Villa Atria in a luxurious contemporary concept, Villa Ensueño built as a modern and very private beach home, Villa Jade in perfect hacienda style,  Las Nubes in Moorish style, offering absolute privacy in a forestal reserve.  Costa Rica luxury homes are like jewels in a tropical paradise.

Photo courtesy of Costa Rica Luxury Real Estate 

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