5 Fabulous and Innovative Tables

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The dictionary defines the world table as "a piece of furniture consisting of a smooth flat slab fixed on legs."

The following five extraordinarily creative tables demonstrate just how many different interpretations there are for this integral piece of furniture, when created by innovative designers.

#1: Hexa

Designed by Bernard Vuarnesson, the  Hexa table looks like—and has pieces that move like—a child's puzzle.

Hexa Table

Made out of solid wood, the Hexa has six reversible laminate surfaces that can be easily adjusted and reconfigured. Available in different sizes—for coffee and dining—and a variety of wood finishes and colors, the innovative table's movable parts even flip over to become trays!

The Hexa is available through Resource Furniture, and prices are available upon request. 


#2: Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet Conference Table

This table surely gets our engines running. Designed by MotoArt— the pioneer, forerunner and standard-bearer of recycled airplane parts furniture design—this extremely cool, ultra-modern conference room table is constructed from a Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet engine.


At 12’ wide and sporting a high-mirror polish, this powerful table seats up to twelve, and has a custom-fabricated stationary engine core set with internal multicolored LED lighting topped with a polished spun aluminum dome, which lies beneath a graceful 1/2” round tempered glass top. 

Price is available upon request. 

#3: Basho The Sumo Wrestler Table

"Basho"—the Japanese word for tournament—is in his crouching pounce position sporting his Sumo belt,  ready to hold your coffee and magazines on his strong back.

The Sumo Table

This Asian style table is topped with a 3/8"-thick, pencil-edged, round tempered glass top for views from any angle. This quality designer resin heavyweight is cast exclusively for Design Toscano for display in home or garden.

Available at Design Toscano for $289.00.


#4: The Thomas Wold Mushroom Forest Table

Created by Bay Area Designer Thomas Wold, the Mushroom Forest Table adds a fun modern flavor to any room. Mushroom Table

Available in two sizes—a three-top single-color side table/nightstand and a seven-top, multicolor coffee table—the table features mushroom caps which function as flat table tops, each with different height and cap circumference. The "burl" base provides a stable platform for the "growing" stems and caps.

Available at Design Public for $985.00 (seven-top) and $399.00 (three-top).


#5: Heller Frank Gehry Color Coffee Table

One of the most celebrated architects working today, Frank Gehry transcends the boundaries of architecture, designing powerfully stunning furniture.

Heller Frank Gehry Color Coffee Table- Red

Inspired by the colors he had used in a giant flower sculpture in Paris, Gehry asked international furniture manufacturer Heller to produce a collection in a selection of vibrant saturated colors.The twisted flower shape is molded from polyethylene and is waterproof and UV-protected, making it perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

Available at Design Public for $690.00.

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