Contemporary Serenity- A Contemporary Kitchen Embodying A Casual, Relaxed Feel

Susan Rocco

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This young family imagined leading a casual, relaxed lifestyle in the dream home they were building. They pictured the kitchen seamlessly integrated as part of an open, expansive living area. They pictured blurred boundaries between the main living spaces – the kitchen, family room and dining room. The homeowners desired a kitchen that was versatile and fluid enough to function as a place to cook as well as a place to gather. The couple was drawn to the sleek, clean look of contemporary design and felt that more than any other design style, the minimalism and purity of contemporary design evoked a sense of clean, casual, simple spaciousness that would achieve the spatial quality they were hoping their home embodies.

Aesthetically, the design of this kitchen was approached with the goal in mind to have a clean, white kitchen where surfaces were kept clutter-free and all the pieces of this kitchen (appliances, cabinets, materials, hardware, etc) came together harmoniously in a unified, minimalist aesthetic.

The unique thing about this kitchen is the way it relates to the rest of the room as part of one large open living area, it relates to the surrounding living areas in a continuous flow, working in harmony with other elements in the adjacent spaces. The main, long kitchen wall ran the risk of being perceived as a long, boring wall if not approached with a smart design solution to break up the expansive run. We resolved to break up the wall in a way that became an opportunity to blend the kitchen and the dining room. The dining area reads as an extension of the kitchen where the boundaries of each other are blurred by the way the cabinetry extends beyond the kitchen and becomes two china hutches flanking a buffet piece.

The simple white surfaces of the cabinets and countertops magnify the abundance of natural light which floods the space through the backsplash windows and the sliding glass doors. These work in tandem to bring a sense of lightness and life to the space, figuratively and literally. They simultaneously work in tandem with the homeowner’s sleek, contemporary furnishings, comprised of a medley of white tones. Being in this kitchen with family, cooking, entertaining or just relaxing, one feels part of a space that is airy, open and not stuffy- simply relaxed.

Photos courtesy of Susan Rocco 

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