Coldwell Banker No. 1 Realtor Chris Cortazzo On The Latest Real Estate Trends In Malibu

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As Coldwell Banker’s No. 1 Malibu real estate agent, Chris Cortazzo has over two decades of exceptional, high-end real estate experience in the Southern California market. A native of Malibu, Cortazzo’s extensive knowledge of the area, market trends and lifestyle ensure that he is able to offer clients the highest degree of service by perfectly matching clients to their ideal properties. “The trick to success in real estate,” Cortazzo says, “is to love and embrace every minute of it with a strong work ethic and a high level of integrity and respect.” Unafraid and eager to be involved in every stage of the buying process, Cortazzo excels at navigating the most challenging situations while negotiating the best deals that he can for his clients–no matter the price point. With over $5 billion in sales, an outstanding repertoire of past and current listings, and a pristine knowledge of market trends, Cortazzo reigns as Coldwell Banker’s elite top 1% of real estate agents nationwide. When asked what he thinks sets him apart from the competition, Cortazzo explains that the key to success is not seeing yourself as competition, but rather market knowledge is invaluable, and he knows his market.  Haute Residence caught up with the real estate mogul to discuss the latest Malibu market trends, what homebuyers are looking for in today’s market and more. 

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 Let’s talk about your market, Malibu. What trends do you currently see happening in the real estate market and where do you think the market will be in five years?

CC: There has been a renaissance in Los Angeles as a whole over the last few years. This has made Los Angeles one of the most sought-after places to live. Malibu has been a major beneficiary because it offers the best Los Angeles has to offer, the beach lifestyle and easy access to everything. This will only benefit the Malibu market in the coming years.

What advice would you give someone looking to relocate to Malibu?

CC: Spend some time in Malibu if you are not already familiar with the Malibu market. Get to know the various areas and see what is the right fit for you; each has its own unique characteristics.

What are homebuyers looking for in today’s market that they maybe were not looking for or knew how to ask for before?

CC: Homebuyers are much more specific in their tastes and styles. It really goes back to matching them with a property they can see themselves living in. It requires curating what you show them to create choices rather than what’s available.

What investment opportunities does Malibu offer, and how would you advise clients on how to proceed with these opportunities?

CC: There are great investment opportunities for anyone looking to purchase income properties. Malibu remains a destination location with a strong rental market.

What makes Malibu so special?

CC: You go anywhere in the world and mention Malibu, and people will light up. It is a lifestyle that most people dream about, with year-round sun in a beach atmosphere.

Describe Malibu in three words.

CC: Lifestyle, beach, community.

What are the best drinking, dining and shopping spots?

CC: So many incredible places to choose from—there is nothing you would want that could not be found in Malibu.

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