Clara Hartree On West Vancouver Real Estate Performance In 2020

Clara Hartree

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Editor's note: Clara Hartree talks about West Vancouver, British Columbia real estate market performance in 2020 in this Q&A with Haute Residence.

How did the real estate market look at the beginning of 2020?

2020 started as one of the best years for real estate, in Vancouver and everywhere.  I was achieving higher price points for my clients every day. Some thought I was listing too high and we still sold right away with multiple offers.

Clara Hartree Nov2020 q&a 2Photo Credit: Video Open House

How did you spend time once the lockdowns across the world started taking effect? How did you adapt to it in comparison to other agents?

When the pandemic came, I watched Haute Residence real estate webinars. That made my days interesting and kept me motivated. Realtors remained an essential service in Canada. I continued to advertise as most realtors stopped. Sellers started to call me and I didn't miss a beat. 2020 turned into one of my best years in 30 years.

Clara Hartree Nov2020 q&a 1Photo Credit: Video Open House

Professionally, what have you learned in 2020 about yourself?

What I learned about myself is that I don't get discouraged by external events. There is a great market out there, lower prices, very low interest rates that are supposed to stay the same for years, it's a good environment for buyers and sellers who adjusted their expectations to lower prices are doing very well.

What do you see in the West Vancouver market for 2021?

I'm seeing more of the same. In times of uncertainty, real estate is the best place to park your money. You can live in it, you can rent it out. It gives stability.

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