The Perfect Luxury Chalet Look: Modernica’s Alpine Series Bed

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Luxury furniture manufacturers Modernica's Alpine Series Bed is a simple way to incorporate a classic, luxury mid-century design into your home. Inspired by the traditional craftsmanship of vintage sporting equipment—the curves are reminiscent of wooden skis, giving the bed a classic design with fluid lines.

The bed was designed by Modernica’s co-founder Jay Novak and has received a design patent for its originality. Handcrafted in Los Angeles, CA, the bed has been designed to be broken down into eight parts and is structurally engineered so that each of the eight parts plays a role in the overall strength and stability of the bed frame.

The headboard is conveniently angled to provide support and comfort for those reading or watching television in bed. the curved rails at the foot of the bed ensure that the mattress remains securely in place. The entire bed, from headboard to legs, is made of twenty-two layers of laminated North American walnut hardwoods.

For locations and more information please visit the Modernica website. Source and image courtesy of Bless This Stuff.

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