‘Casa Remota’ Redefines Mobile Housing With Architectural Customization

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In the wake of the tiny home craze, Chilean architect Felipe Assadi has left his own mark on the latest in mobile housing trends. Take a peak into "Casa Remota—Remote House"—an 880-square-foot, prefabricated residence located 100 miles from Santiago. The unique home is constructed—seemingly miraculously—in just a number of hours. Forty-five offsite hours are dedicated to preparation, while the final six onsite hours are used to ensure customization.


“The project aims to enable the user to configure their own home based on modules and a system that allows connections between these capsules without further instructions,” said Assadi. In fact, the home has four 11- by 20-foot modules that can be arranged in whatever manner the owner choices, adding a level of personalization that simply cannot be rivaled. The three-bedroom, two-bathroom unit is made of wood, iron, glazed front and back facades, and is mounted on metal pillars in the ground. This little wonder, currently resting in the remote Pichicuy region overlooking the Pacific, has without-a-doubt redefined mobile housing.

Remote-House-Chile-leadPhotos courtesy of Inhabitat

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