‘Casa Brutale’ Takes Nature-Integrated Living to a Cliff-Side Level

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Can you imagine pulling up to a house, overlooking the Aegean Sea, but all you see is a swimming pool and a staircase leading down? Well this design for the below ground home built into a cliff was submitted to OPA (open platform for architecture) and is waiting to be built.

“Casa Brutale” is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that is perfect for someone who enjoys secluded, ocean-front views and no noisy neighbors. The only part of the house that is above ground is the swimming pool, which also acts as the ceiling of the home and a massive natural light source. The entire façade of the house is a huge piece of glass facing out towards the sea.


The entire home is constructed with simple materials like wood, glass, and raw concrete, which puts the focus on the landscape and ocean. The interior is an open-floor plan design and is very simple and bare with high ceilings and a ton of light.

Photos courtesy of Designboom

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