Building Trust: The Steps You Should Take To Build Your Dream Home

Dante DiSabato

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It’s easy to buy a home that’s already finished. You just sign some checks and fill out some paperwork. But choosing to build a new home is a whole other ballgame. Haute Residence’s Naples expert Dante DiSabato of William Raveis Real Estate and Limitless Development has the knowledge to take the process from daunting to doable.

 When clients want to build new, what are the first steps you suggest they consider?

When a customer wants to build new, the first step I suggest is to pick out their location they want the most. Then, if we can find an opportunity to build in that location with the correct exposure, it is a win. I like to make sure they have the best team involved, such as the architect, builder, engineer, landscape architect, and interior designer, to give them the best service we can offer.

Is location the most important part or is the home design #1?

YES, Location, Location, Location. It will instill long-term value.

Is building on a empty lot a much easier task for a client to mentally deal with or do many understand the concept of buying a teardown?

I think that most of my buyers are savvy enough to envision a home on the empty lot anda lot that is a tear down. It does help when an architect can virtually create a rendering to show them exactly what it will look like. I think it also depends on the view that the property might have.

Being a developer yourself, are you better equipped to help a client through the process than a traditional realtor? If so, how?

As a developer I learn new things on a daily basis. (Limitless Development is a boutique concierge real estate company that is at the top of a very short list of quality developers capable of satisfying one of America’s most demanding — and hottest — markets: Naples, Fla.) I feel that it helps me in the world of general real estate a lot due to the fact that I have a distinctive eye on quality and product that most do not. It takes a lot more work, but feel that it helps my customers more because I can assist them in the process of building. We also offer a “management” style of business where we will manage a project for someone while they are not in town. This gives people a great piece of mind.

Does the Naples market embrace new construction or do you find most clients want to move right in?

The Naples market does embrace new construction. Everyone wants the newest and greatest thing. However, there are people that do take the timeless properties and upgrade them as well. Again, you cannot beat certain locations and markets. Moving in is a great thing, however most of our customers are willing to wait a little if it’s the perfect fit.

Are there tricks or tips to buying a spec home? If so, what are they? 

There are really no tricks or tips other than to make sure it is a in a good location with good exposure. You can’t pick up and move your “perfect” home. I would make sure that the builder is reputable and there is a warranty on the property. This will help protect the purchaser for a little bit. I also tell my customers that they just saved 18 to 24 months of arguing and pain of traveling to get down to build a house as it’s already done!

Photos courtesy of Dante DiSabato 

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