Bring in the Personality with Individualized Interiors by Jen Samson Design

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Photo Credit: Jen Samson Design

To truly exhibit individual personal style, especially within interior design, no two spaces should look the same. This is the philosophy that Jen Samson Design, or JSD, is bound by. Jen Samson Design, a boutique luxury design firm, specializes in providing clients with unique interiors that fit each of their individual aesthetics. Founder and Principal, Jen Samson, uses a combination of one-of-a-kind antiques, and bespoke finishes to create these eclectic yet modern interiors keeping personal style as a priority.

Whether working with both residential and commercial clients, either way, JSD works closely with her clients to gather insight on their unique aesthetics and lifestyle needs, creating a space that fits in with every aspect of their lives. Her interiors are also inspired by world travel, culture, fashion and interiors both new and old. Jen’s designs create meanings deeper than just a pretty space, giving interiors their own unique stories, creating impressions that last a lifetime.

Photo Credit: Jen Samson Design

Building on her muses of lifestyle and unique aesthetics, before starting JSD, Jen began her career in Los Angeles, in the fashion and lifestyle industries. This strengthened her keen eye for all things creative and high-fashion, pleasing to the eye which later led to her position at world-renowned luxury fashion house, Salvatore Ferragamo. After years of success, she was finally able to take on her personal passion of interior design, where she now has many years of experience and great success.

JSD has taken on several large clients and has seen numerous features in high-end design publications. Needless to say, Jen’s past lives have shaped every aspect of her eclectic yet sophisticated design work. 

Photo Credit: Jen Samson Design

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