Bentley Residences Miami Give a Glimpse into the Future with the ‘Dezervator’

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Cars in the sky sound like an invention of the future but with Bentley Residences Miami, the future is now! Thanks to the new Bentley Residences Miami’s new ‘Dezervator’ lift, residents will be transported into the sky, along with their vehicles, directly to their apartment creating an unparalleled lifestyle for its customers. Named after Bentley’s partner Dezer Development, the innovation escalates all the way up to the top floor, ensuring the residents’ in-unit garages are filled 

There is nothing quite comparable to ascending up the Dezervator whilst seated in your car. Entering the building, the cars use RFID stickers which will automatically scan and send the cars on a light path to the designated Dezervator out of four total. The technology registers the car’s ID within the system and takes the resident to their exact floor keeping the process convenient and hand-free. Going up, the lower floors of the conveyor are encased with panoramic glass giving riders a full 360 view of the building’s common areas. Upon arrival to the designated floor, the car will be driven into a three to four-car garage accompanying each resident. The garages come complete with the option for EV charging amenities, offering private, convenient and secure storage for their car collections. 

Outside of the Dezervators are the premises of the Bentley Residences. Bentley Motors and Dezer Development first announced their partnership back in 2021 and assembled plans for the first ever Bentley-branded residences. The building will tower 61 stories into the Sunny-Isles skyline providing breathtaking views of both the ocean and bay. The apartments expand across 6,000 square feet complete with a balcony, swimming pools, and more. 

As the construction process carries on, a newly opened Sales Gallery for the residences has been situated locally in Sunny Isles Beach. This offers prospective buyers a chance to familiarize themselves with the architectural development. The Sales Gallery even has a 6,000 square foot prototype for shoppers to walk through. Bentley Motors’ long-time brand partner has graciously furnished the first-look residence with high-luxury, hand-crafted Italian furniture. The model offers an exciting glimpse with inspiration for future residences’ interior decorating options. No need to worry if you’re not local to Sunny Isles. The entire Residence is available for virtual preview including East and West unit layouts of the Bentley Residences building as well as a full Dezervator experience!

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