Bentley Motors And Dezer Development Debut Sales Gallery For Upcoming Miami Tower

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Last month, the automotive brand Bentley Motors announced their foray into the luxury resident market with their plans for Bentley Residences Miami, a high-end condominium tower that will serve as an exciting addition to the Sunny Isles Beach area upon its completion in 2026. In maintaining their tradition of quality and excellence, Bentley Motors has partnered with Dezer Development, one of the most prominent and innovative property developers in the Sunshine State. Since 1985, company owner Michael Dezer has established himself as an impressive presence on the coasts of Florida and has become one of the largest holders of beachfront property in the state. To date, Dezer's company has earned over $3.6 billion in sales between their South Florida and New York developments.

As of this month, Bentley has unveiled a sales gallery for their upcoming residence. The 12,000 sqft. showcase will offer prospective buyers a chance to preview the tower’s breathtaking condominiums with a fully realized 6,000 sqft. model located within. Each of the tower’s 216 units will comprise both indoor and outdoor living areas, with floor-to-ceiling glass windows providing a stunning view of the Miami beachfront and waterways. Additionally, future residents can look forward to their own private balcony with a swimming pool, a sauna, and an outdoor shower. Striving to provide unique, world class accommodations for their clients, Bentley Motors will continue its one-of-a-kind approach to all things automotive by equipping each unit with a multi-car garage and patented ‘Dezervator’. The drive-in elevator will allow residents to store their vehicles with ease of mind while also displaying them alongside the unit. The tower will also host a wide variety of luxurious amenities, including a residents-only restaurant, a carefully curated bar and cigar lounge, a movie theater, an expensive fitness center, and dazzling communal gardens.

Located at 18325 Collins Avenue and operating from 10AM - 6PM, seven days a week, the Bentley Residences sales gallery will reflect the variety of lavish features slated for the tower. Upon entering the gallery, future residents can expect to be greeted by a floating abstract sculpture commissioned by Bentley Motors, an aesthetic inclusion that conveys their elegant and innovative approach to their craft. Upon completion of the tower, the sculpture will be installed and displayed outside of the structure. Inside the gallery, the showcase will include a theater room as well as a fully stocked bar and lounge that will be hosting a variety of events for parties interested in the upcoming residence. Prospective buyers will also have the opportunity to experience a curated walk-through of the model unit, complete with table tastings offered by the on-site chef. For individuals looking to become more closely acquainted with the Bentley brand and their upcoming projects, the gallery will have a dedicated Bentley Brand Room, where a testament to the tradition of British craftsmanship will be on display.

For additional information on Bentley Residences Miami, please visit or call 305-BENTLEY (305-236-8539).

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