Beachfront Homes That Have It All

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Who hasn’t watched Grace and Frankie on Netflix and belly laughed? Grace, the uptight, likable-most-times rule abider, who lives with the pot-smoking, plucky hipster, Frankie, in their waterfront Hamptons home. The Emmy-nominated series tells the story about the unlikely -and unexpected- friendship of these two feisty ladies whose husbands have divorced them late in life. And comedy ensues from there. Yes, that’s right, comedy. No tragedy here. The ladies give the middle finger to their problems and decide to grab life by the . . . horns. (Grace and Frankie would, of course, use more explicit anatomical language to describe their not-so-soft grip on life.) But one thing’s for sure, each of the ladies has decided to live life to the fullest, and in some of the swaggiest real estate, no less.

Knowing this, it comes as no surprise that the ladies are not the only stars of the hit series; their beach house has gained its own fanbase. And rightly so. The ladies live in an extraordinary home, located in the besotted Hamptons with direct access to the beach. To check out their beach house, you can binge-watch the series on Netflix or you can simply keep reading to view some beach houses similar to G&F’s beachfront setup.

All that’s missing in this home is Grace and Frankie.

Beachfront Homes

This home is an oasis where you can relax and refresh.

Beachfront Homes

This home offers the ultimate relaxation space after a day at the beach.

Beachfront Homes

This home offers a beach view that also serves as the home’s backyard.

Beachfront Homes

And, this home offers a cabana for either entertaining with the masses or relaxing in private. Your choice.

Beachfront Homes

This home’s view cannot get any more spectacular. Can you hear the crashing of waves just steps from the rear door?

Beachfront Homes

All that’s missing in this home is you and yours.

Each of these homes clearly possesses that one-upmanship quality and would undoubtedly enhance Grace and Frankie’s gilded on-screen chemistry. You just can’t help but be awestruck by these beachfront homes; just as you can’t help but root for these two women. And a big round of applause should be had for Grace and Frankie and their soon-to-be-had adventures, in real estate and otherwise. Each of these two ladies redefines what it means to be a fierce female who frolics in fabulousness – while starting over with swag and some beachfront real estate under her sandy feet.

All images courtesy of SoMa Island Living. For additional information about the listings for the foregoing homes, or similar properties, contact Mark Waite at [email protected].

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