Bathroom Design 101: Natalia Neverko Dishes On Her Latest Projects + Designing The Ultimate Timeless Bathroom Space

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Natalia Neverko is driven by passion and inspiration from diverse cultures integrated within Miami. The renowned interior design company, spearheaded by Neverko, focuses on creating unique bathrooms for like-minded individuals. Blending eclectic motifs with contemporary color shades in the implementation of natural elements and materials from marble and wood to glass. This timeless design combines the best of comfort and elegance.

Designed in collaboration with the company of leading creatives provided the ultimate high-end finishes found throughout this design. The inspiration of a variety of stone and wood selections, which proved to be beautiful as they are functional, made the client extremely happy and content with their home located in the heart of Sunny Isles Beach. 

Experienced homeowners have been waiting for unified design across all products of Dornbracht that has no limits to the combinations of concept and design that can be achieved. Its stunning features draw direct attention to the essential elements- the presentation of the water and creates the ultimate SPA environment in the bathroom.

 Rich textiles take center stage in the bathroom of this Trump Hollywood penthouse and display the owner’s unique style. A philosophy of immersion modern design employs a sense of simplicity in elements of designing with crisp and clean lines into a traditional home that feature-rich color palettes and a variety of textures. 

Mixing vintage pieces of art such as images of icon Marilyn Monroe with contemporary design reflect integrity and spiritual strength and proposes “silence for eyes and quite for the spirit” in its philosophy by creating a relaxing personal environment of every property designed by Natalia Neverko.  

Natalia Neverko invites all of her clients on an extraordinary journey of design by curating jaw-dropping spaces that bring each client’s dream home into a reality. 

Written in partnership with Natalia Neverko.

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