The Bachelor Pad Of Dreams By Ovadia Design Group

Ovadia Design Group

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Editor’s Note: Jack Ovadia of Ovadia Design Group takes Haute Design to New York City’s Hell’s Kitchen and cooks up the design for this bachelor pad.

Ovadia Jan2020 - bachelor 1Photo Credit: Evan Joseph

The one-bedroom apartment by the Ovadia Design Group being featured this month is located in the luxurious Sky building in Hell’s Kitchen, NYC.

The bachelor for whom this apartment was designed was looking to entertain and show his guests a good time. The open concept boasts six seating areas!

A patinaed leather sofa invites you to cozy up and enjoy the outrageous views from this 71 story building! The designers created such an interesting contrast by juxtaposing rustic wood textures against the modern aspects of the space. The amazing windows allow for an abundance of sunlight that reflects off the light wood flooring, resulting in such a welcoming effect! The chain curtain provides a partition between the gaming area and the pool table in a subtle way while maintaining an expansive impression.

Ovadia Jan2020 - bachelor 2Photo Credit: Evan Joseph

The natural wood-paneled walls and “tree trunk” coffee table ground the metal end tables and sleek, cool furniture.

The kitchen is very practical and is also compact, taking up minimal space as it is tucked into the wall in a very contained way.

A large painting of James Bond leads the way to the bedroom.

The bedroom features a sleeker more muted version of the rustic meets modern theme by implementing neutral colors and natural textures. The bedroom has one inner wall of glass. From the bedroom he can view his hall of artwork.

Ovadia Jan2020 - bachelor 3Photo Credit: Evan Joseph

For more on Jack Ovadia, visit his profile on Haute Residence.

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