Atlanta Real Estate And Motivation Webinar With Debra Johnston And Gary Quinn

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Haute Residence went to the Peach State for a chat with real estate expert Debra Johnston about the housing market in Georgia during quarantine times, with special guest, motivational speaker and best-selling author Gary Quinn, who joined the live webinar from his California home. They were hosted by Haute Living's April Donelson.

The insightful and positive dialogue went back and forth between Johnston's thorough examination of the current real etate market and Quinn's interpretation of how to put the best foot forward in life and business, whether it is real estate or otherwise. Watch the webinar further below.

Debra Johnston - Gary Quinn webinar

Tune in on today, April 20th at 2PM EST, when two of New York City's biggest names in real estate, Adam Modlin and Richard Steinberg, will be together in an exclusive webinar. REGISTER HERE.

Watch the video above

Highlight quotes:

Debra Johnston: "I love the business of real estate. Each property is a specific project and experience... Watching the numbers of consumers online now looking at the properties, it's important to be out there and have all my properties represented properly."

Gary Quinn: "The biggest lesson of these times is to not take anything for granted. I've aligned with many people during this time, and you learn who's really there for you. Life is short and every moment we must be grateful to connect with clients, friends, family and more. We have to be grateful for the things that we have. When you stay in gratitude, it balances you.

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