Ask The Expert: Beth Krupa Weighs In On Her Go-To Tip When Designing An Interior

Beth Krupa

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Beth Krupa Interiors is an award-winning design firm whose mission is to provide high-end collaborative experiences with Krupa’s valued and respected residential & commercial clientele. For Krupa, design is reparative and healing. Over the years, Krupa has used her interior design and sociology education along with her years of living and traveling globally to get at the heart of what her clients need now, but also intuitively to know their future needs. Haute Residence caught up with the esteemed designer to discuss the comeback trends of 2019, her go-to tip when designing an interior and more.

Photo courtesy of Beth Krupa Interiors

The comeback trend of 2019:

One good example of this we could call Retro Re-do:  70’s Inspired styles are bringing back cool vibes and funk. The orange, green, yellow, fuchsia, blue and brown color combinations, curved furniture lines, linear over-sized sculptural lighting, and wavy bold patterns in area rugs and art represent a new version of mid-century modern, but more current and fresh than the previous reiterations.  

The colors and patterns to look out for this year:

Colors outside of the Retro Re-do would be saturated blues, teals and leaning to the very important shades of green. These velvety-rich shades work especially well with antique gold and brass. For neutral shades, the nudes have taken over the pale pink shades, and some can even cross over into a clay-like shade. Grays, however, remain on trend, and it’s no coincidence that these new emerging shades all work equally well with our beloved shades of gray too. The undertones of gray (blues, lilacs, greens) are all shades that universally work well in homes throughout. I think we will be holding onto some version of these grays for a while to come even if they do begin to warm up a bit and turn towards the more taupe arena.  

Your top tip for designing a bathroom:

Definitely use one of the two newer finishes in the plumbing and lighting fixtures ~ either matt black or brass.  

Photo courtesy of Beth Krupa Interiors

Your top tip for designing a bedroom: 

If you have many angles and alcoves, keep the color consistent on the walls, trim, and even the ceiling for a soothing envelope effect. The space will feel larger and instantly calming. 

What should always be considered when designing an interior?

Address the problem or negative attribute of the room before anything else. This resolution often creates the most interesting ideas on which to stem the room off of 

How to determine the best design for your home? 

Begin with how you want the space to make you feel. Do you want your home to be a retreat and peaceful space? Or do you see your home as an energetic space for gatherings of friends and family? Design can absolutely evoke whatever feeling you desire.  

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