As One Door Closes Another Opens

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We are thrilled to announce our recent merger and next chapter. After 12 years as Highland Partners (our boutique firm we launched during the mortgage meltdown of 2008/09) is now Corcoran Global Living (as of September 2021). What’s interesting is that CGL launched during COVID in early 2020 yet has grown to over 70+ offices in Northern and Southern California, Lake Tahoe, and the Sierras, Nevada, and Ohio. Highland Partners and Corcoran Global Living, both born during difficult times — are in good company — Netflix, Trader Joe’s, Microsoft, Sports Illustrated, MTV, General Electric, and Warby Parker all started during a recession.

We are also excited to introduce our newest addition to the DiMaggio & Betta Group, our son, Chase DiMaggio Betta. This new year is the beginning of another new chapter.

In 2015, which seemed as if it were just the other day, we hosted a seminar for homeowners who resided in their home for 20 years or longer, it was called, Demystifying the Downsizing Process.

Flash forward to today, 2022, —we are in the process of selling the home of one of our attendees. Our client even kept the memo pad we handed out with the book we wrote, The Art of Real Estate.

The memo pad was one of the many things uncovered as she purged and packed for her relocation and next, new chapter. Have you been contemplating a move for 1, 2, 3, or more years, but are overwhelmed by what next steps to take?

Here are 6 questions to determine if you are ready or almost ready to make a move, —-downsize your home or live somewhere you’ve always dreamed.

1. Have you resided in your home for over 20, 30, 40, or 50 years?

2. Do you live in your home alone; and/or, is your home too large for your current needs?

3. Has COVID changed your outlook and where you want to live?

4. Are you overwhelmed with the thought of making a move?

5. Are you interested in accessing the cash in your home?

6. Do you have questions about the process?

If you answered yes to any or all of the above then allow us to guide, counsel, and discuss the possibilities, and lay out your options.

Simply book a complimentary consultation to get started. Our goal is to educate, guide, be a resource, connect and refer you to those who can help make this next chapter, seamless. Allow us to do what we do best which is to facilitate the process with ease, experience, and extensive knowledge. Should we not specialize in your city please allow us to make a referral to one of our trusted and knowledgeable Realtor partners. We are locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally connected.

Debbi DiMaggio, Adam Betta & Chase DiMaggio Betta

510.414.6777 Debbi | 510.414.1250 | Adam

Member/Awards: Luxury Real Estate, Haute Residence, GiveBack Homes, Forbes Five Star Realtors, Top 100 Agents & Five Star Professionals

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