Apollo Is Officially Ready To Launch And Shatter The Art Scene

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Photo Credit: PMA Media

Apollo is a platform that brings the art scene to a new generation.

The subscription-based app brings inside access to world-renowned artists and art collections. Apollo is disrupting the exclusive art scene by bringing stunning art to users’ fingertips.

“The traditional art scene has a problem,” says Thomas Pierce, Chief Marketing Officer at Apollo, remarking on the app’s intention. “New generations love art, but find their experience in the art world to be stuffy, outdated, or hard to reach; not to mention expensive and intimidating. Now, Apollo is making investing in fine art accessible by giving entry and expert guidance to novice art lovers and sophisticated collectors alike.”

Eric McClelland, Thomas Pierce, Mike Miller, Tyler Shields, Paul Barausky, Adam Alfia

Photo Credit: PMA Media

Besides the app, the Apollo platform will include displays for housing digital NFT collections and a marketplace. Users will be granted the exclusive role of curator and will be able to search for new artists, create their own art playlists as well as test art pieces before they buy them in the Apollo marketplace.

Founder and CEO Michael Miller explains his approach to building the Apollo app and how it is so completely unique in the market.

"It's combining what I do for a living in bringing in the gallery and artist community to collaborate with the technology aspects. That's why I think it's so great and so well-rounded. There's just really nothing like it in the marketplace. There are similar platforms out there, but nothing like what we're doing."

Miller continues, "I think we just had a different process and vision in mind from day one. Others are just rushing to sell NFTs or digital art. But ours is a complete ecosystem. It's almost like a hybrid between the Apple ecosystem and the Spotify of fine art."


Bespoke Apollo Premier installation in Chicago penthouse duplex featuring Marcel van Luit

Photo Credit: PMA Media

The team at Apollo believes that their platform will be a win-win for artists and art enthusiasts alike because the app will feature collections of fine art from new and established artists as well as exclusive behind-the-scenes content brought to users by the artists themselves. Thus, connecting artists to their audience, and vice-versa, in a way that has never been accomplished before.

Apollo Premier installation featuring Apollo Premier artist David Yarrow

Photo Credit: PMA Media

"We have the app, which is really made for the mainstream to deliver fine art to the world. You can display it onto a 4k, smart-enabled device and be able to follow artists around the world. You will be granted access behind the scenes and see content and footage that will make you feel much closer to the artist than ever before. It will be a much more intimate experience," says Miller

The Apollo Art App officially launched in the iOS and Android store on June 1st, 2021. The first 1,000 users will get to enjoy the app for an entire month for free with code: FIRST1000.

For more information on the Apollo app, CLICK HERE.

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