An Artful Kitchen By Kitchenworks

Susan Rocco

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A kitchen for an art collecting and design afficionado couple and their artist better half. The home of this couple is truly one of a kind- as much for its architecture as for the items which fill it. The homeowner being an artist and art collector, has made sure that everything in their home is carefully curated. The architecture was a work of art by a prominent architect, the home is filled with iconic mid-century designer furniture pieces and the artwork displayed through-out is as striking as is significant. When it came time for the client to pursue an update to their decade old kitchen, they turned to us with the task of designing a kitchen that followed suit in keeping the refined level of design seen throughout the home as well as the artistic element.

The result is a kitchen that reads like a custom-made, large scale piece of furniture, complimentary to the architecture and the furniture. It also incorporates a large-scale art piece designed by the homeowner artist.

The artfulness of this kitchen is manifested conceptually, in the idea of a carved cube within the architectural space. The kitchen boundaries are contained within a square defined by an overhead soffit. We embraced the concept and designed the footprint of the kitchen to amplify this effect by using the islands to define the margins of the kitchen. We also embraced the existing architectural feature of paneled walls. This design feature was visually extended into the kitchen by a wall of all tall cabinetry that reads as a continuation of the outer paneled walls. The use of the honey-toned mahogany not only matches the existing paneling and the mahogany window casing but further establishes a relationship to the tones of the mid-century furniture in the home; heightening the effect of the kitchen as another designer furniture-piece.

The artfulness of the kitchen was further accomplished by the addition of a custom designed art piece by the artist/homeowner in place of a typical panel on the outer island. It is a piece of art in prime view. The artist came up with a geometric composition of shapes and colors that exude movement, where each floating block of color appears to be leading the eye to make connections with nearby colorful pieces. Furthermore, doing a row of “floated” wall cabinetry along the sink wall and leaving plenty of open space above these, makes for an additional area to display original works of art against a gallery-like white wall.

The finishing touch to this art-filled kitchen is the custom dining table, another piece designed for this space. The table features a collection of found table legs, each painted in different vibrant colors as to give them each a new life and new found personality of their own. These colors seem to be in conversation with the island panel and the sculptures above the cabinets. In a home filled with art and significant design, this new kitchen fulfills more than a utilitarian purpose. This kitchen becomes a setting where cooking, eating, gathering and admiring art come together.

Artist credit- Francie Bishop Good  

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