Alex Zapirain is the Successful Designer who Doesn’t Work a Day in his Life

Alex Zapirain

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Just as there are no rules in design apart from those one creates, Alex Zapirain Designs like to approach every room with a sense of unique space.

Photo Credit: Alex Zapirain Designs

Alex Zapirain, founder and Principal at his eponymous design firm, shared his initial experience in the design world and what he hopes to accomplish this year.


Haute Design: What is your first memory within the design industry?

Alex Zapirain: My very first memory within the design industry was life changing for me. It was actually a very challenging project in Miami. It was an ultra-modern and minimalist space and I believe it awoke my great passion for design. The experience definitely got me more into the design and architectural field and led me to explore and grow within the industry.


HD: What do you love most about your job?

AZ: I love the fact that I don't have to work a day in my life. My work is my life and I love to challenge myself with every project. Every day is a new learning experience which definitely requires teamwork.

Photo Credit: Alex Zapirain Designs

HD: To what do you attribute the success of your firm?

AZ: Definitely all the hard work and dedication contributed on behalf of every client. We do our best to deliver the quality of work each project deserves. Our team puts their souls and passion for architecture and design into every project.


HD: What do you believe is your strongest quality as a designer?

AZ: I would say I listen closely to every client's needs. Aside from my passion for design, I would say that practicality and functionality are key to me.

Photo Credit: Alex Zapirain Designs

HD: What is your goal for 2022?

AZ: Our goal will be to complete new and exciting projects which are already underway. I look forward to stepping outside of my comfort zone for some of these projects. It should be a pretty busy year ahead but full of excitement.

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