Aeris House Talks Real Estate Philanthropy Through Social Aware For Change™

Aeris House

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Aeris House talks about ways real estate transactions help feed thousands through Social Aware For ChangeTM  in this exclusive Q&A.

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What is the driving force behind Social Aware For Change™?

Working together, we created Aeris House with the idea that Social Aware For Change™ can transform the impact of everyday real estate transactions. As we work, each of us believes that our efforts are doing something different – and our clients share the same belief.

How do you go through the process of helping people with purchasing a home?

As with any grand idea, we haven’t forgotten the basics - we help people achieve their Current Idea of Lifestyle. Buying your first house at 25 is different than buying a home at 60. Our job is to guide people through beautiful and sometimes complex experiences. Our team of professionals excels in finding unique spaces to meet the client’s vision of an exceptional everyday life.

You put your money to work for good. How do you determine the ways in which you distribute it?

As a first step in helping a community, we challenged ourselves to look beyond the normal process and designed Social Aware For Change™. Every quarter we make our company’s profits available for people to vote and tell us where the money will have an impact. As we’ve shared this idea we realized many, like us, have a passion for helping others. Sometimes, it’s difficult for people to know where to start. Social Aware For Change™ begins with you and we hope you find it fun to spend our money and do something great!

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What has Arizona been like as a home base for the organization?

Arizona is a great place to grow new ideas and people are making a difference through the Social Aware For Change™ website. Last quarter, your votes and our funding were able to provide over 25,000 meals at a local food bank. Every client’s home can have that level of impact. Our goal is to reach a million dollars a month for people to vote and share with their cause. One vote can make a difference! Imagine the impact! We also think of our community in a global sense, so the impact doesn’t have to be local. People can vote from anywhere! There may be a need for books to expand young minds, the impact of a typhoon, or the protection of elephants. Wherever our community says there is a need, that’s where the money goes.

What do you want clients, buyers and sellers alike, to know about Aeris House and Social Aware For Change™?

Talk to us about the impact your home could have on a community. Our clients have already made a difference not only in their lives, but also in the lives of others simply by looking to a new idea.

We believe that home buying is a journey we all experience and one that can facilitate change.

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